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Chagim Center
Home for the Holidays

The Chagim Center works to create and form a Jewish-Zionist-humanist cultural identity by specializing in the Jewish festivals and our life and times.

Why specifically Jewish Holidays?

The Jewish festivals and holidays incorporate into them a multi-layered and rich world of content. The festivals tell us where we have come from and how we have consolidated into a nation, they indicate to us the changes that our people have undergone throughout the generations and let us progress towards our joint designation.  Being involved with the festival invites us to ask who we want to be as individuals and as a society.


On this website we present to you a collection of Jewish-Zionist culture, as part of a continuum of integration of our library, articles and works of art from biblical times and until the present day. Every poem, story and ceremony here are an invitation to create a significant festival in the family, in class and in the community.


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